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Tailor-made ocean cruises

We attach great importance to high quality and safety, both in the preparation and execution of the trips. The choice of sailing areas, our partners and the boats are hand-picked and optimally tailored to the needs and wishes of our guests. It is very important to us to offer you a unique and unforgettable sailing adventure that you will remember for a long time to come.

Training and mileage cruises

Our training cruises are particularly suitable for candidates for an ocean sailing license. We offer comprehensive training, from trip planning and safety issues to navigation and harbor maneuvers. We mostly sail during the day, with 1-2 night sails planned per trip. All crew members are included in the watch plan and are involved in the ship and logbook management as well as navigation and rowing. The nautical miles covered are of course confirmed by our skippers. However, our aim is not to collect as many miles as possible as quickly as possible, but to offer you comprehensive training in the confident and safe handling of an ocean-going yacht. In addition, the social aspect is important to us; a cozy get-together, good conversation and fine food are simply part of it. So a training cruise is not only instructive, but also a lot of fun and enjoyable!

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Transfer cruises

Have you ever imagined leaving the coast behind and sailing non-stop for several days (or weeks)? Depending on the wind and weather conditions, such a journey can be challenging and a real adventure, demanding a lot from the crew. A offshore transfer voyage over many days and nights without a break places high demands on the crew and the ship in every respect. It requires teamwork in a watch rhythm and is less like leisurely vacation sailing than covering a distance in a given time. Participants should already have a certain amount of sailing experience, be physically fit and mentally unstressed and be able to actively participate in a team.

Vacation cruises

Are you looking for a very special sailing experience with family, friends or colleagues? But you're not interested in covering long distances. Rather, you want to enjoy the wind and waves, relax, swim and explore anchor bays. Perhaps enjoy a sociable evening in a harbor restaurant or lie at anchor in the evening and round off the day with candlelight and a nice glass of wine. Or you can lie on the foredeck and simply enjoy the starry sky and let your mind wander. And who knows: you might even see a shooting star!