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Adventure ocean skipper

The confident and safe operation of a yacht at sea places far higher demands on the skipper than on inland waterways, which is why sound and serious training is essential. With countless weeks on the high seas and thousands of nautical miles under our keel, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to accompany you step by step on your adventurous path to becoming an experienced and safe ocean skipper.

Offshore pass

The internationally recognized high seas certificate entitles the holder to operate sailing and motor yachts at sea. It is valid geographically and for an unlimited period of time. The following are the main requirements for obtaining it:

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Passed theory test at an officially recognized test centre
  • Cantonal boatmaster's license of the corresponding category or equivalent license
  • Valid emergency aid card
  • Confirmation of sufficient eyesight and hearing
  • Proof of practical experience at sea

Theoretical training

In our clubhouse in a nautical ambience in Thalwil, we prepare you optimally for the official theory test in evening or Saturday courses.

Our lessons are based on the documents of the CCS (Cruising Club Switzerland) and the book "Seemannschaft", a standard work of nautical literature. We work on all the basics together and consolidate them in the classroom with practical exercises.

  • Navigation: Handling nautical charts, chart sets and course conversion.
  • Wind and stream: Influence of wind and current on my course.
  • Positioning: Positioning using handheld compass, radar and GPS.
  • Tides: Determination of tides and tidal currents in relation to a specific time and location
  • Seamanship/maritime law: Safety equipment, seamanship, collision prevention rules (COLREGs).
  • Meteorology: Recognition of weather changes and influence on cruise planning

Evening courses

Over 10 evenings of 2.5 hours each, we teach you the entire course material. As we don't start until 7 p.m., you can attend this course comfortably and without time pressure after your working day. The clubhouse is located directly on the beautiful Lake Zurich and is easily accessible by car and public transport. There are plenty of parking spaces available and the train station is only a 10-minute walk away. You can expect 1 to 3 hours of self-study at home per week.

Saturday courses

If you can't attend a course in the evening or simply prefer the weekend, then our Saturday courses are just right for you! On 5 Saturdays of 5 hours each, you will be taught the same content as on the evening courses. Even with the Saturday courses, you can expect to spend 1 to 3 hours a week learning at home.


You usually take the theory test at the CCS (Cruising Club Switzerland), a test center recognized by the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office. There are 3.5 hours of exam time available for the chart tasks. After a one-hour lunch break, you have another 3.5 hours for the tidal tasks and for the multiple-choice questions on navigation, ship handling, seamanship, meteorology, maritime law and medicine on board. The examination is deemed to have been passed if at least 75 percent of the maximum number of points is achieved in each examination subject.

Practical training

The high seas license ordinance requires active participation in navigation and ship handling. On our tailor-made training cruises, you will learn and practise all the skills and procedures that will enable you to navigate a yacht safely and confidently. The following minimum experience must be demonstrated in order to obtain the offshore license:

  • Sailing ship category: At least 18 days at sea and at least 1,000 nautical miles sailed, of which at least 700 nautical miles after passing the theory test.
  • Category motor vessels: At least 10 days at sea and at least 500 nautical miles sailed, of which at least 400 nautical miles after passing the theory test.

Special courses

In cooperation with our partners, we also offer you the following special courses:

  • Sailing boat license category D
  • Motorboat license category A
  • Skipper training / refresher on Lake Zurich
  • Medicine on board - emergency aid card
  • SRC / LRC
  • Diesel engines

Cast off!