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CHF 270.00

This course is organized by our partner Swiss Maritime Academy GmbH .

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During our condensed SMA AstroCompact Skypinar (via Skype) you will learn the sensible, practical and seamless combination of modern and astro navigation with the sun - in one day! Optimized for use on board a yacht, with simple tools and in easy-to-follow steps. At the end of this SMA AstroCompact, you will be able to calculate and draw precise station lines - ship locations with the stars.

Nostalgia? Also... Astronavigation connects us with our nautical ancestors and it is a very satisfying feeling to "do it without electronics"! But above all, navigating with the sun is exciting, helpful - and ingenious!

Course duration: 9 - 16h
Course location: At home, in the office or wherever you like via Skype. You will need a Skype account or an up-to-date Chrome or Edge browser, a good internet connection, a clear screen and enough space for map work.